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Borderlands 2 to hit shop shelves next week

Borderlands 2 is to bring its role-playing first-person shooter blend to PC gamers on September 21st.

Borderlands 2, the sequel to 2009’s space western first person shooter Borderlands, is to be released on PC on September 21st.

Gearbox Software’s title is set to build upon the unique gameplay blend of a traditional shooter with role-playing elements of character building to create an engaging and unique experience for players.

It is set around five years after the original Borderlands on the planet of Pandora with a man named Handsome Jack on a mission to rid the land of its colonist population so that it can be fully industrialised.

Players take on the role of a person fighting to the death to win a cache of loot in a tournament set up by Handsome Jack. After turning heads with his performance in the competition, Jack leaves him for dead in the tundra without his prize whereupon he hears from a mysterious Guardian Angel who tells him the tyrant must be killed.

There will be four playable characters in the game: Salvador, Maya, Axton and Zer0. They each have different skills and abilities for different requirements. Salvador, for example, can dual wield any combination of guns, while Zer0 can create a decoy of himself and become invisible for short periods that allow him to carry out a critical strike on an enemy.

Players pick one of these characters at the beginning and then level them up by taking on quests from non-playable characters and bounty boards. Skills are upgraded through a unique skill tree that has been demonstrated in an online web app, showing gamers the wide array of talents they can pick  for each of the playable characters before the game’s release.

Gearbox is intending to release four downloadable content upgrades to Borderlands 2 that will add new stories and environments to the title. Players will be able to buy a Season Pass that will provide a 25 per cent discount for buying all four add-ons at once when the game is released.

Publishers 2K Games will be hoping that the sequel can replicate the success of the first game, which generated near universal acclaim from critics and fans alike. IGN named it as 35th on its list of top 100 modern video games.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801445805-ADNFCR