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XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s PC version to evoke nostalgia for gamers

The makers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown say the PC version will evoke nostalgia for gamers

Firaxis, the developer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown has promised gamers that the PC version of the product will be like a walk down memory lane for them.

The original version of the game was popular in the 90s and Jake Solomon, a game designer for Firaxis, has claimed this latest game will be just as popular, adding that the PC arm of the game especially is vitally important.

Indeed, so concerned was Firaxis about getting the PC version of the game right, that they split the entire team working on the game into two teams. Half of the developers were set to work on the PC version while the rest worked on the console-based product.

Speaking to Polygon, Mr Solomon said: “The PC version for us is a big deal.

"With a shooter or an action game you may be able to fall into the dangerous trap of porting the user interface (UI), but for us that was never an option."

He added that the decision to split the two teams he feels is one that will pay off.

“We've had two separate teams working the whole time on the UI, one on PC and one on console.

"We're pretty excited that they look very different and feel very different."

The main difference that has arisen between the two is that the console version has had a lot of the tactical interface removed while the PC version has retained it.

This, Solomon says, is because it was far too complex not to have a rigid, grid-like structure in place.

“We don't have a grid in the console version, it's all free movement," he explained.

"But on the PC version it was such a pain in the ass to not have a grid that we went back and added it."

Gamers using the PC version will also be able to see more details and an increased maximum resolution thanks to developers’ work.

They will also be able to zoom the game's view in and out more than those using the console version.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801445406-ADNFCR