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Marvel Heroes begins closed beta in October

Free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game Marvel Heroes is to enter closed beta in October.

As City of Heroes closes for players this year, another superhero-themed massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMO) is working its way towards fans as Marvel Heroes enters closed beta in October.

The free-to-play title will allow a select number of players from October 1st to put on the tight spandex of their favourite Marvel characters to carry out quests, gather loot and team up with other heroes in the comic book universe.

Anyone can enter for a chance to be involved in the closed beta by entering their email address on the video game's official website.

Created by the mastermind behind Diablo, David Brevik, Marvel Heroes will tell the story of the Cosmic Cub, a device that has the potential of "changing the very fabric of reality at the whim of its possessor". Dr Doom has his hands on the object and he aims to use it to recreate the world in his own image and it is the superheroes' job to stop him and his ominous plan.

Gamers will be able to play as the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Wolverine and Hulk, among many others from the Marvel universe. They will be able to then customise their character with special powers and costumes from throughout the history of Marvel.

The gameplay will bear resemblance to the action role playing style of the Diablo games. It will allow players to team-up with friends or play solo in randomly generated environments from famous comic book locations, battling a variety of soon to be unveiled super-villains and other Marvel enemies.

While Marvel Heroes gains pace, the players of the long-running City of Heroes have protested the announcement that the MMO is to be shutdown following the closure of NCsoft's Paragon Studios. Some 14,000 gamers have already signed a petition to stop the title coming to an end, in hope that it will change the developer's mind.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801444941-ADNFCR