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Natural Selection 2 up for pre-order

Natural Selection 2 is available to pre-order through Steam ahead of its October release.

Multiplayer first person shooter that pits humans against aliens, Natural Selection 2, is up for pre-order on Steam's webstore ahead of its October release.

The strategic, action-packed game combines elements of real-time strategy into the shooter gameplay to create a unique title that Kotaku has called a "mash of Counter-Strike and StarCraft".

Those who pre-order the game at £18.99 will get a free upgrade to the deluxe edition, which includes a soundtrack featuring an hour of industrial, tribal music, a 40+ page digital book full of concept art, exclusive wallpapers and avatars and an in-game marine model that has a custom visor to give players a unique appearance when they are battling away online.

Gamers will choose to either fight as the elite marine Frontiersmen or the alien race named Kharaa. The human side must work together to use to find and destroy the enemy's hives. Those who choose the Kharaa must pick one of the many different kinds of aliens, from the wall-running Skulk to the flying Lerk to stop the humans in their tracks.

A commander plays from an overhead perspective, rather than the standard first-person viewpoint and must help to lead their team to success. The Marine head honcho is tasked with building structures, such as armouries, to help equip the troops, while constructing sentry turrents and siege cannons to defend against the aliens. Meanwhile, the Kharaa commander is tasked with upgrading the hive chambers and evolving the team's special abilities.

Dynamic environments will play a key role in the gameplay, with aliens capable of knocking out power nodes to take out the lights or make marine structures useless, while the humans can use flamethrowers to ignite the alien infestation.

The original Natural Selection was released as a modification of the first Half-Life title in 2002, quickly cementing itself up there with Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat as one of the most popular mods.

Although Natural Selection 2 first began development using Half-Life 2's Source Engine, the developer Unknown Worlds decided to move to their very own engine entitled Spark.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801443960-ADNFCR