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Steam Greenlight goes live

Steam Greenlight has gone live, with users already having a wide variety of games to vote for.

Valve's digital distribution application Steam has launched Steam Green Light, its voting platform to help the community decide which independent video games it should have in its store.

Developers eager to have their title distributed by Valve are submitting their pitches with the hope the reams of Steam users warm to what they have on offer.

Each game has its own page on the Steam application and website where players can view screenshots and videos from the games, as well as read information about the features they include. This will help them develop a community around their title early on in the development process.

On the page, users can choose between a thumb up to show their support for the video game or a thumb down for the opposite. If players indicate that they do want to see the game on Steam, it will show how close it is to receiving the necessary approvals required with a percentage.

Some notable games have already appeared on Greenlight, including PC Gamer's 2011 Mod of the Year No More Room in Hell, a first person shooter survival horror modification using Half-Life 2's Source Engine. The game takes influence from George A Romero's classic zombie films, putting players in a co-operative battle against hordes of zombies in a society on the verge of collapse.

Another exciting looking game is The Intruder, another survival horror game but this time involving the protagonist's encounter with an unknown entity. The player has no memory except that the Intruder is coming back and that they must prepare by building up supplies, barricading their house and sleeping and eating occasionally to stay in good condition.

It's not just horror games either, the racing game TrackVerse is up for the vote, as is the exploration title Dream and even Snaykes, an updated version of the classic game Snake, which rose to popularity on old Nokia mobile phones.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801439690-ADNFCR