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Fallout: New Vegas has missing content restored

An array of content that had to be cut from the final version of Fallout: New Vegas has been lovingly restored by a fan.

Missing content from Fallout: New Vegas has been restored by modders, so that gamers can now play the Obsidian Entertainment game just how the developers intended it.

A person named Moburma at video game website Rusted Logic meticulously catalogued all the missing content and then began to work on add it back into the game.

Fans of the game can download the mods as a set of simple packages that add missing characters, turn Freeside back into a single map, add full quests and all manner of other changes.

One of the most interesting additions is an in-game version of the introduction sequence. In the version of the title that hit shop shelves, players were introduced to the game world through a full-motion video, rather than being in control of the protagonist.

It plays out in the same way but actually sees the robot Victor digging the player out of the grave after the antagonist Benny has shot him.

Gamers should be wary of installing a number of different mods as some of them do not work well together, although compatibility information is included in the descriptions.

The modder who carried out the restoration work does not mean to criticise Obsidian's work. The developer also missed out a lot of content in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, which was also subsequently restored.

“Fallout: New Vegas is very much a polished and FINISHED game.
[...] Obsidian had a very short period of time to make this game, and it’s clear they budgeted their time very precisely. They delivered twice the content of Fallout 3 in HALF the time, and frankly made a much more interesting game to boot,” he states.

"It’s clear that Fallout: New Vegas was tightly controlled during its development, and much of the stuff mentioned below was removed because it was irrelevant or just plain not very good. This isn’t some failure on their part; in fact it’s proof of their professionalism in that they knew when to cut their losses working to a tight deadline."ADNFCR-1220-ID-801433309-ADNFCR