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Final Fantasy VII to get PC re-release

Final Fantasy VII gets a digital re-release on PC, with all-new features.

Final Fantasy VII is to get re-released on the PC as a digital download this year, bringing it back to the format 14 years after it was first ported.

Hailed as one of the greatest video games of all time, the Japanese role playing game created by Square (now known as Square Enix) was first released on the PlayStation in 1997.

A PC version was released the following year, but its distribution was not particularly wide and the only way, until recently, to play it with a mouse and keyboard was to pay a premium for it second-hand.

Now Square Enix has made it available as a digital download for just £7.99 for the moment, rising to £9.99 next month.

There are some new features too, so players going on the adventure with Cloud and co will have a slightly enhanced experience. For example, there are 36 achievements to unlock so hardened Final Fantasy VII gamers can try to show off their capabilities through an online profile.

A character booster has also been included to help players when they are in a difficult section or lacking in money to buy items and equipment. By pressing a simple button players can increase their health points, magic points and Gil, the in-game currency, to the maximum. It may seem like a bit of a cheat, but it allows gamers to sit back and enjoy the epic story.

Gamers can also save their progress in the cloud, so they can play their version of the game wherever they are, all they need is an internet connection.

Final Fantasy VII, for those not in the know, tells the story of Cloud Strife and a gaggle of environmentalists who battle against the all-powerful Shinra Corporation in a futuristic fantasy world.

It reached near the top of many best game of all times list, including Empire, GAME, Game Informer, GameTrailers and Retro Gamer, as well as winning numerous Game of the Year awards in 1997.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801429449-ADNFCR