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Team Fortress 2 Mann versus Machine detailed

Team Fortress 2 releases its own co-operative game mode entitled Mann versus Machine.

Developers Valve have released details on the Mann versus Machine update to the online first person shooter Team Fortress 2 that it has been hinting at for some time and is finally released today.

Mann versus Machine is a new co-operative game mode for the video game that pits six human players against a violent horde of robots who are hell bent on trying to drop a bomb in one of Mann Company's numerous strongholds.

Between each wave of robots there will be a break, giving players the opportunity to upgrade their abilities and weapons. If they manage to survive every onslaught, they will be rewarded with fantastic loot.

The cannon fodder of the robot horde is equipped with very simple weaponry that can't cause too much damage. But they also carry gigantic bombs and are being escorted by a small army of "Special Robots".

These include the Steel Gauntlet, who has huge metal fists and is very durable and resistant to damage; the Bowman, who uses a bow and arrow with speed and deadly accuracy; the Demoknight, who wields a sword and charges at his foe; and Sydney Sniper, who shoots darts from great distances.

On top of the Special Robots there are also the Giants, who can, unsurprisingly, be identified by their enormous size and ludicrously big weapons. The Rapid Fire Soldier, for example, carries a gigantic machine gun of rocket launchers, and the Deflector Heavy is able to shoot down projectiles such as grenades and rockets.

They are able to take huge amounts of damage before going down but are rather sluggish when it comes to moving, so they won't be charging right at their enemy.

So far two maps have been revealed as part of the Mann versus Machine game mode: Coal Town and Mannworks.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801429447-ADNFCR