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Diablo III patch 1.0.4 brings major changes

New patch brings a variety of updates to balance Diablo III.

A forthcoming update to Diablo III is to bring a number of major changes to game, in particular, bringing a boost to Legendary items and an overhaul of the magic system.

Patch 1.0.4 will also bring easier mobs, tweaked monster abilities, reduced repair costs and an array of class ability changes.

It is hoped the changes will rebalance the difficulty of some of the trickier parts of the action role playing game, but also giving gamers more of an incentive to work together.

Monsters will have a lower health multiplier for every additional player that takes part in a co-op game and elite mobs will be slight less hard to defeat.

The reason for this change is that developers Blizzard Entertainment feel that "normal monsters die quickly and are usually just fodder, and Champions and Rares can feel like a brick wall"

Therefore, the patch will make normal enemies a bit more tough and make the harder enemies a little easier to kill. The Champion and Rare monsters will also no longer heal when the player leaves them alone for a bit.

At the same time, the likelihood of the hard-hitting monsters dropping a magic or rare item has been increased by a "factor of four".

The magic system is being overhauled by removing the magic find averaging from co-operative play, so individual scores will contribute to their own loot drops, regardless of what their teammates achieve.

Double-handed weapons will now get randomised affixes to improve their usefulness, which should be a major boost to gamers.

The new patch is expected to be released at the end of August. Blizzard also has plans to introduce a player versus player mode in an upcoming update, as well as expand the endgame to give the best Diablo III players a bigger challenge.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801428939-ADNFCR