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Age of Empires Online adds the Babylonians

The Babylon civilisation is to be added to Age of Empires Online this month, bringing with it a variety of new units.

Babylonians have been added to the free to play massively multiplayer online real time strategy game Age of Empires Online to mark a year since the title's release.

Its developers, Gas Powered Games, revealed to Eurogamer the addition, adding to the already strong line-up of Celts, Greeks, Persians and Egyptians.

The civilisation will be added on August 16th, along with the Fertile Crescent booster pack. Unlocking Babylon will cost 900 Empire Points, the title's in-game currency, while the pack will set players back half that amount.

Vital to the new Babylonians is a unit called the Ox Cart, which is a mobile storehouse. Using it means players do not have to spend vast amounts of time rebuilding storehouses or going on long voyages to get their of resources, they can collect the materials as they move about.

This should allow people in control of the Babylonians to build a particularly strong economy very quickly, Gas Powered Games explained.

Other additions include the Siege Tower, which works just like a Trojan horse with the ability to transport a number of units, as well as carry out ranged attacks with fire arrows. Foes are unable to see who is lurking inside the tower, so it could always be a decoy.

"You have the ability to mask what you're doing by hiding your army inside the siege tower, and we've seen a lot of cool strategy come out of that,"systems design lead Eric Williamson told Eurogamer.

Other new units include the Shield Bearers and the Lancer, while structures are comprised of the Ziggurat, Gardens and clay walls.

Along with the Babylonians, the Fertile Crescent Booster pack adds 30 new quests at gamers who are level 20 or above. These are repeatable quests that are scaled all the way up to level 40, so that players at higher levels get better rewards.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801426431-ADNFCR