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Mass Effect 3: Firefight brings multiplayer weapons to single player

A new Mass Effect 3 DLC brings multiplayer weapons to the single player campaign.

Have you been dreaming of using the likes of the Indra sniper rifle or the Harrier battle rifle in Mass Effect 3's single player campaign after crushing legions of foes with them in the online arena?

Well, thanks to developers BioWare, you will now get that opportunity with the new pack Firefight.

For just $2 (£1.20) or 120 BioWare points gamers can purchase the downloadable content (DLC), making the above two weapons as well as the Krysae sniper rifle, Reegar Carbine and Geth sub-machine gun from the multiplayer. On top of those five weapons, Mass Effect 3 fans will also get the all-new Blod Pack Punisher sub-machine gun and the Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle.

The pack is available right away on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

BioWare explained that the pack came after requests from its community to use their favourite multiplayer during the single-player campaign, indicating once again that it is willing to bow to the pressure of its fans.

Earlier this year there was uproar over the finale of Mass Effect 3, with many gamers complaining that the ending left many questions unanswered and did not bear much resemblance to the moral paths players had chosen to take throughout the trilogy.

BioWare responded by releasing a free update that expanded upon the initial ending this summer.

Fans of Mass Effect 3's multiplayer will be eagerly awaiting Operation Olympus that takes places this weekend, between August 10th and 12th. The bounty weekend will require players to get full extraction from Firebase London using any Kit on any difficulty, in response to the growing Reaper activity in the city.

The Allied goal is to use any combination of Kit/Map against the enemy, defeat wave 10 with a combined community total of 200,000 Bronze missions, 175,000 Silver missions and 70,000 Gold missions.

In order to play the bounty weekend, players must have Mass Effect: Earth installed on their computer.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801425898-ADNFCR