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Dear Esther developers to release spiritual successor

Everybody's Gone to Rapture will show what life is like in rural Shropshire at the end of the world.

British independent video game developer thechineseroom, who created Dear Esther, is to release a spiritual successor to the game set in post-apocalyptic Shropshire.

Everybody's Gone to Rapture is set to use Crysis 3's CryEngine 3 to bring the British countryside to life, expanding upon the atmospheric and beautiful Dear Esther that wowed critics and fans alike when it was released earlier this year.

The Portsmouth-based developer has been working on the game for some time already, as well as working on a sequel to the terrifying game Amnesia: The Dark Descent entitled Amnesia: A Machines for Pigs, which is supposed to be even scarier than the original.

Screenshots of the game have, however, only just emerged in an interview with the website Beefjake, showing the stunning world of Shropshire's rolling fields, villages and quaint train stations

"The concept of it is this almost ’60s-’70s Brit science fiction of how the end of the world would be responded to in a rural English location," creative director Dan Pinchbeck told Beefjack.

Everybody's Gone to Rapture will, therefore, tell the story of its environment through a first-person perspective in a very open-world. To walk from one corner to the other, he explained, it would take 20 minutes, making the gaming space very big. However, players are limited to just an hour. After that you must go back to the start and explore other areas to see what you missed.

There will be six characters in the quiet Shropshire village, which sets the title apart from the isolation of Dear Esther, and gamers can either leave them be or interact with them to change the ways they influence the world.

Everybody's Gone to Rapture will be released next summer, but in the mean time gamers should give Dear Esther a try to experience the sort of storytelling they will experience with the forthcoming title.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801419176-ADNFCR