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Are we finally bidding farewell to Skyrim glitches?

Skyrim solves its glitches. But is this what we really want?

Like many of Bethesda's most ambitious and expansive works, Skyrim's glitchiness has often proved part of its charm.

Sure, it's very irritating when you're forced to watch, helplessly as your horse plunges to its death off a bridge or down a hill. That urge to pound your keyboard when your companion sinks into a rocky crag and cannot get out? Completely understandable.

But as anyone familiar with the most recent Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles will be aware, these glitches are not only expected, but provide the source of some of the most entertaining gaming moments.

Who doesn’t enjoy seeing their character flying and spinning, seemingly without any mass, when they're bashed by a Giant's club? Who doesn't stifle a giggle when a passing guard reminisces, with a touch of sadness and envy that, like you, he also used to enjoy the free-roaming life of an adventurer, until he took an arrow to the knee?

So it is with a touch of sadness that Bethesda appear to have finally cracked the glitch egg. Many gamers - for the first time - are noticing that the majority of "crash and clip" problems so characteristic of the Elder Scrolls franchise are gone. All thanks to the latest round of bug fixes.

As with so many things in life, we gamers will welcome any striving towards perfection, while missing the rough-edged charm gleaned from Skyrim's imperfections.

The best thing by far about the latest round of patches, culminating in the grandiose 1.7 update which also covers the Dawnguard DLC, is the doing away with many rare crash scenarios. A crashed game is, for all intent and purpose, an unplayable one and therefore one for which the enjoyment has been removed.

This is surely enough of a reason to relinquish any affection we have for other, more tolerable problems? Well, you would think so, but the path of the update does not appear to have run that smoothly.

Many PS3 owners will be ringing their hands in despair. Not only have they yet to receive the v1.6 patch, the 1.7 patch looks a long way off. Not that this will prove a problem for PC gamers, of course.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801415385-ADNFCR