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Valve to launch indie video game voting system

Steam users will soon be able to vote for which games Valve will include in its store.

Valve, the video game developers behind titles such as Counter-Strike, Half-Life and Left 4 Dead, is to launch a new service through its distribution service Steam that allows users to vote on independent titles they would like to see available through its store.

Steam Greenlight will work by having developers post information, screenshots and videos about their game to the service's huge customer base. If they are able to gain a "critical mass of community support" then their title will be picked to be sold.

The number of games being sold through Steam has grown considerably in recent years, and the tough decision making to pick what games to sell and what games to drop has always been carried out by a small group of people. Greenlight is, therefore, seen as a way to make this process easier and to actively involve the service's users.

When Steam Workshop was introduced in October 2011, an effective way to organise content, rate it and leave feedback was established, this is being extended to full titles with Greenlight. It should hopefully encourage an increase in the volume of great games that get submitted to Steam, improving the overall quality of Steam's library.

It will also boost the amount of publicity independent titles can get, which can be very important when developers and publishers have very small budgets for marketing.

"Making the call to publish or not publish a title isn’t fun,” said Valve's Anna Sweet.

"Many times opinions vary and our internal jury is hung on a decision. But with the introduction of the Steam Workshop we realised an opportunity to enlist the community’s help as we review certain titles and, hopefully, increase the volume and quality of creative submissions."

Steam Greenlight is set to be released on August 30th.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801406411-ADNFCR