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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 offers players free game mode

Gamers can give the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game mode Face Off a try on two maps at no cost.

Developers Infinity Ward have offered up an intense new game mode for free for players of its hit title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Face Off is designed for quick-fire multiplayer match-ups on tiny maps, with small teams of around one to three gamers on each side battling it out.

Two of the new maps are available to play at no cost right away, with the hope that individuals who like the super-concentrated maps invest in the recently released Collection 2 downloadable content (DLC), which comes with two further Face Off maps.

The first of the free maps is called Erosion, which is set among Mediterranean ruins and ancient aqueducts, letting players use centuries old masonry for cover. The other is Aground, set on Scotland's Orkney Islands in a network of caves, cliffs and the rusted remains of a crashed transport ship.

Collection 2's Face Off maps are Getaway, a tropical beach getaway, and Lookout, a location carved into a mountainside full of tight corridors.

The other features in the new DLC include two co-operative special ops missions and three multiplayer maps.

Special ops mission Kill Switch requires a sniper team to take out a Russian carrier with an electromagnetic pulse bomb, while Iron Clad sees one player behind the wheel of an Abrams-class tank trying to escape enemy territory in Hamburg, as the other players escort it on foot.

The most exciting of the maps in Collection 2 is Sanctuary, set 1,000 feet in the air atop of huge sandstone monasteries in Greece. Foundation takes place in an industrial concrete factory in South Korea and Oasis is set in the picturesque Hotel Oasis on top of an ancient fortress.

Gamers can buy the new DLC through Steam for £11.49.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801392596-ADNFCR