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Gamers spend £334 per year on new titles, but turning away from consoles

Gamers spend an average of £334 per year on new titles, according to new research.

Gamers spend an average of £334 per year on new titles, according to new research.

One of the more interesting elements of this survey, however, is how gamers are spending their money.

New insights by, which carried out the poll, indicated that gamers are drifting away from consoles and embracing emerging technology, such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

In fact, people are now spending more time playing games on their phones than on leading consoles, such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

On average, British gamers own four devices, with over 80 per cent having a PC, smart phone as well as two games consoles.

Unfortunately for Nintendo, while 65 per cent of those polled had a Wii, only four per cent had bought a new game in the past 12 months.

The rise of smartphone technology is one of the reasons gamers are turning away from the Wii.

Many of the most sophisticated devices fall short of the motion control technology which has been so integral to the revival of the Nintendo console brand, but there is lots of other appeal.

Mobile smart devices not only enable players to interact with games in new ways, such as by tapping, shacking or rubbing the screen, but they also allow people to enjoy gaming on the move.

Re-releases of titles such as Duke Nukem' 3D and the critically acclaimed platformer Another World also appeal to PC gamers who are more than happy to grasp the opportunity to relive their youth.

ShopTo founder and chief executive Igor Cipolletta explained: "The fact is consumers have more gaming devices than ever before, with thousands of games being published every week and this, coupled with the lack of new hardware from Sony or Microsoft, is seeing consumers move to mobile devices as their platform of choice."ADNFCR-1220-ID-801391012-ADNFCR