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Diablo III real money auction to go live tomorrow

Diablo III's real money auction house to be launched in Europe tomorrow.

Diablo III developers Blizzard Entertainment are set to launch the game's real money Auction House in Europe, following its successful release in the Americas.

The creative minds behind the action role playing game have been staggering its launch to ensure that players have the "smoothest possible experience".

Eurogamer spotted the announcement by Blizzard in an in-game notification. It means players Diablo III players in Europe will soon be able to buy and sell in-game items with real pounds and pennies.

In America the minimum bid was set at $1.25 (80p) and a maximum of $250 (£160). Blizzard profits from each equipment transaction by taking $1 (65p) out of the sale amount or 15 per cent from anything else, such as gems, crafting materials and gold.

Many items have already sold for $250 (£160), indicating how keen Diablo III players are to get a hold of the best swords, staffs and shields.

Gold farmers should be aware, however, that if they want to sell their wares, it must be in quantities of 100,000 or more.

Once auctioneers want to cash out, 15 per cent of the earnings are cashed out. It is expected there will be similar rules for the European auction house.

Gamers can add money to their account by using a credit card or linking a Paypal account.

With more than six million people playing Diablo III in just its first week, Blizzard could well make a great deal of money from the auction house if it is a success.

Blizzard has also recently been threatening players that cheat with a permenant ban from the title. The US developer explained on a update that anyone found utilising hacks, bots or modification in "any form" will find they will be banned from accessing the title.

"We strongly recommend that you avoid using any hacks, cheats, bots, or exploits. Suspensions and bans of players that have used or start using cheats and hacks will begin in the near future," the statement said.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801385199-ADNFCR