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Have you ever wanted to take control of a dragon with a jetpack?

Take control of a dragon with a jetpack in Dragon Commander, an upcoming action, strategy, role playing game.

Then take notice of Dragon Commander, a game set for release next year that lets you pilot a dragon with, you best believe it, a jet pack on its back. Who needs wings really?

It is a strategy game with role playing and action elements that means while you are required to set waypoints and set attack order for units, you will also take the reigns as a dragon fighting alongside them.

Developers of the title Larian Studios had resounding success with the fiery beasts in the role playing game Divinity II: Ego Draconis, but felt they wanted to take a different approach to dragon combat and therefore, seeds of Dragon Commander were sown.

The dragon-with-jetpack approach fits in perfectly with the tongue in cheek attitude of the Divinity universe, particularly with Ego Draconis. And the silly humour does not end there either.

One particularly difficult choice asks gamers who they would like to ally with, however, one of the options is presided over by an un-dead skeleton. In typical video game fashion, if you chose the skeletal nation, then you are tasked with rescuing the fair lady from her eternal suffering and, of course, marry her. The gameplay is serious but the context decidedly less so.

The game works with players based out of a mothership. They must embark upon the RPG and strategy elements from the hub, outfitting armies through a deck-based card system, talk to advisors and push through the story of the game.

Then players move to the strategic map where the game's universe is visible, indicating the empire that your chosen nation presides over. You can move your armies around, spend the coffers on buffing up units and select which battle you wish to fight.

After that, you move to the combat part of the game where you take direct control of the dragon commander to unleash fire and fury, laying waste to the enemy nation. You can stay back and watch it all take place, but when there's the option to dive right in, few people will be taking the armchair approach.

Action, strategy and role playing games should keep a close eye on this title as development continues, as it definitely shows promise.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801384205-ADNFCR