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Tribes: Ascend update to introduce 27 new weapons

The Accelerate Update to Tribes: Ascend is to add 27 new weapons to the game.

Free-to-play multiplayer game Tribes: Ascend will have 27 new weapons added to the game with the upcoming Accelerate Update.

Not all of them are brand new guns outright, some are just variations on existing weapons in the game, but regardless there is an array of new tools with terrifying names with which to kill other players.

The Duelling Spinfusor has modified the Light Spinfusor by dealing extra damage when it directly hits an enemy, although it now has a smaller blast radius.

Short-fuse frag grenades now have a shorter fuse, meaning you can cause extra panic on enemy frontlines as other players dart away from the damaging explosion.

Gast's Rifle is to be added, which uses a very large calibre round to cause more damage, but the clip size is smaller, meaning reloads will come along quicker than anticipated.

A deluxe version of the Fusion Mortar is to be added that improves the speed of the projectile to deal more damage, but gamers will have to be a bit more accurate as the blast radius is smaller.

These are just a few of the exciting new weapons that are all available relatively cheaply, costing around 240 gold for the most expensive additions, the equivalent of around $2.40 (£1.50).

There are a few more modifications in the Accelerate Update, including changes to how players progress. Weapon and gear upgrades no longer require experience points (XP), instead they become better the more you use them. However, gamers are still able to use XP if they can't stand the wait.

Hi-Rez Studios, the developers behind the title, explained that the change will "dramatically speed up" weapon upgrading.

The patch should bring about some of the "the most comprehensive balance changes to date", according to Hi-Rez chief operating officer Todd Harris. The firm worked on these by observing and talking to Tribes: Ascend gamers to get a better understanding of what the community wants.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801384203-ADNFCR