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Crytek only to work on free-to-play games

Crytek to release only free-to-play video games in the future.

German video game studio Crytek has revealed that it will only work on high-end free-to-play video games in the future, according to the company's chief executive.

Speaking to Cevat Yerli revealed that he mourned the growth of downloadable content-based products and premium gaming services, saying it milked customers to death.

The company's first expedition into free-to-play territory will be Warface, which is being developed by the firm's Kiev-based studio.

However, it will complete all of its obligations to traditional boxed games, but after those are finished it will only develop free-to-play games through the support of its social gaming platform GFACE.

"As we were developing console games we knew, very clearly, that the future is online and free-to-play," said Mr Yerli on the last day of this year's Los Angeles-based video game exposition E3.

"Right now we are in the transitional phase of our company, transitioning from packaged goods games into an entirely free-to-play experience.

"What this entails is that our future, all the new games that we're working on, as well new projects, new platforms and technologies, are designed around free-to-play and online, with the highest quality development."

He very much emphasises the focus on quality, explaining that their free titles will be of much higher quality than current games in the field with large budgets of around $10 million to $30 million (£6.5 million to £19 million) to match this ambition.

Video games will soon become services rather than simply products people buy, Mr Yerli explained in justification for the decision.

Warface is currently live in Russia and undergoing a closed beta in China. However, when it will be released in Europe is unknown, although the title will be published by Trion Worlds.

Crytek, which was founded in 1999, is famous for the Far Cry and Crysis series of games, both of which pushed the boundaries of graphical performance upon their release.