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Peter Molyneux's new game features £50,000 DLC

A new video game and experiment by Peter Molyneux will include the most expensive downloadable content ever.

Famed video game mastermind Peter Molyneux is set to test the adoration and purse strings of his fans with the upcoming game from his new studio 22 Cans.

Curiousity is a massively multiplayer game that puts players in a white room that has nothing in it beyond a solitary black cube. Equipped with only a chisel, gamers are set to work on the cube, removing layers and causing it to fracture, revealing countless smaller cubes within.

As everyone in the world is connected to the same cube, all Curiousity gamers are chiselling away at the same object.

"It’s so intriguing that the first thing you do is to touch the cube, and as you do, you’ll move towards it," Mr Molyneux said to Edge.

"As you do so, words will fade in: 'Curiosity' and that will fade away. Second: 'What is inside the black cube?' As you get closer, you realise that as you tap, this almost imperceptible crack will appear, a hairline crack so tiny in this huge cube."

"If you keep tapping, the crack will grow ... everybody who’s tapping and chipping and sculpting away at this cube is trying to find out what is in the middle."

And he assures fans he will not be revealing what's in the middle of the cube.

Once the first stage of chiselling is over, players enter the downloadable content (DLC) phase, which allows users to upgrade their tool with real money. A 59p chisel works ten times as well as the starting tool. They increase in power up to the diamond model, which costs £50,000 and is 100,000 as powerful.

The key is that the person who makes the final hit gets the big reveal at the centre of the cube, so the more money you spend on a chisel the more likely you are to see the photo moment.

Mr Molyneux explained in an interview with New Scientist that it is not designed to generate money but rather tests the "psychology of monetisation". He is particularly intrigued to see how the person makes the final hit discloses the big secret. It will be putting social media to the test.

Pretension aside, the game sounds like it will meld together the formats of video games and art to create an interactive masterpiece. Whether Mr Molyneux is able pull off the ambitious project remains to be seen.

Curiousity is the first of 22 experiments intend to get into the depths of social media, exploring how the world interacts with them in all-new ways.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801380736-ADNFCR