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Diablo III to introduce PVP combat

Player versus player combat is to be introduced in a forthcoming Diablo III patch.

Diablo III developers Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that player versus player (PVP) combat is to be introduced in an upcoming version 1.1 patch.

Although Diablo II gave gamers the opportunity to maim, kill and pilfer through the corpses of other players, the latest addition to the series released in mid-May has no option to beat the hell out of friends and strangers alike.

Those that miss the anti-social behaviour of the predecessor need not worry, however, as a blog post by Blizzard revealed it will soon be possible when the forthcoming patch turns on the PVP functionality.

Gamers just starting in the Sanctuary need not worry about big bullies coming along and culling them with one fell swoop, as there will be an anti-griefing function to stop high-level characters winding up low-level players just for fun.

A balancing issue is expected to be fixed in the 1.1 patch as well, preventing Legendary and Magic items being equally as powerful.

"We’re planning to just straight-out buff Legendary items in a future patch, likely the PVP patch (1.1). These buffs will not be retroactive, and so they’ll only apply to new Legendary items found after the patch," the blog stated.

"In the long term, we’re looking at simply expanding the affix diversity and unique bonuses of Legendary items, and we’ll be able to share more details after the PVP patch."

The patch represents some exciting news for Diablo III players, but it is unlikely to make up for the problems that surrounded the title's launch, preventing many people from being able to access the title. Regardless, the game became the fastest selling PC game of all time, shifting 3.5 million copies in the first day.

Blizzard has also announced some interesting statistics about the games, based on the two weeks it has been released. On average, gamers have created three characters, more than half (54 per cent) of players in the hardcore difficulty chose a female character and only 1.9 per cent of gamers have unlocked inferno difficulty.