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Upcoming Starcraft II features revealed

Features to be released on or around the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm have been unveiled.

Features that are to be added to Starcraft II to coincide with the release of the expansion Heart of the Swarm have been revealed by developers Blizzard Entertainment.

A number of the features have been long-awaited by avid fans of the game ever since they first got their hands on the beta, for example cross-region play.

The addition of cross-region play comes just after the developer announced a similar feature for upcoming hack 'n' slash role playing game Diablo III. Gamers will be able to create profiles in whichever region they like, although ladder ranking will still remain specific to the region and not become universal.

As a result, to become Grandmaster of the world, players will have to gain the accolade in North America, Europe and Asia individually, which may be quite time-consuming.

A clan system is to be implemented, which fans have also been clamouring for since the early days. Not a lot of details have been released about how it will work but it will likely include a chatroom for clan-mates and the ability to have a clan banner to proudly wear into battle.

Despite Blizzard remaining steadfast on its refusal to include local area network multiplayer games to take place, it has included a 'resume from replay' function that means a game can be continued from where it left off when suspends or drops a player mid-game. Many may seem this as the next-best solution to the very real problem for StarCraft gamers.

Players having a bad day on StarCraft II, losing match after match, will now be able to get some training in against online opponents without the result influencing their ladder ranking. Gamers will be matched up in the usual way but regardless of who wins or loses the match, an individual's ranking stays the same.

Lastly, a multiplayer replay viewing system will allow several gamers to simultaneously help out their friend with a shared set of controls to play and pause the viewing.

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is yet to be given a release date by Blizzard but these new details can remind fans of the strategy series the title is on its way.

It is expected to have around 20 missions and take place two years after the previous expansion Wings of Liberty.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801358330-ADNFCR