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Hints to Skyrim DLC found in patch files

Skyrim DLC is likely to feature both a Snow Elf Prince and crossbows.

There has been some wild speculation on what the upcoming Elder Scroll V: Skyrim downloadable content (DLC) will contain but now some concrete hints have emerged in the patch 1.5.26 files.

A user on the Bethesda Softworks forums scanned the files and found some intriguing file names that mostly important contain the words "Snow Elf Prince" and "crossbow".

According to Elder Scrolls lore the Snow Elves were a race that took pride of place in Skyrim before being driven out of by the Nords. Some remained behind to live among the Dwemner but were eventually betrayed, made blind and enslaved.

The Snow Elf Prince was the leader that fought back against the Nords but died by the hand of a child and buried in Solstheim. So it is likely some new quests will be emerging surrounding the tale of the Snow Elves and possibly with some new crossbows to boot.

More information about the DLC is expected to be announced soon, with its release likely to come in the next couple of weeks.

The most recent update to the game came at the end of March with the 1.5 patch. Among the additions was a number of extra kill camera angles so gamers can see their fine work in all its impressive, slow-motion glory.

Graphical improvements were also made, adding shadows and a visual transition when gamers enter water, along with the typical bug and quest fixes that a game of Skyrim's magnitude typically requires.

The fantasy epic Skyrim has been met with critical and commercial success since its release at the end of last year, including walking off with the Game of the Year award at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Its story follows the protagonist on a quest to vanquish Alduin, a dragon god who is expected to destroy the world.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801354158-ADNFCR