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Do you have a family of budding swashbucklers?

Family-friendly sequel to Wizard101 to be released, entitled Pirate101.

A family-friendly massively multiplayer online (MMO) role playing game Pirate101 is to be released by developers KingsIsle.

The adventure game will be catered towards the younger members of the household, but it will also have features and gameplay that keep adult gamers happy as well.

It will allow players to create their own swashbuckling Blackbeard to pilot flying galleons, seek a bounty of gold and pursue an epic storyline in a dangerous world of mystery and intrigue.

KingIsle has previously released the MMO Wizard101, which followed a team of magic practicing friends on a quest to restore good to Ravenwood College. Its gameplay resembled a turn-based combat system akin to collectible card games such as Magic: the Gathering.

"Pirate101's announcement is a seminal milestone for KingsIsle's already strong growth trajectory,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and chief executive of KingsIsle Entertainment.

The title runs on the same graphics engine as Wizard101 and will feature a variety of lands such as Skull Island, Cool Ranch and Valencia. Players can choose from five character classes, from a Witchdoctor to a Musketeer and each flying ship will be fully customisable.

“We’ve created a world of treacherous pirates, faithful companions, tactical battles and gorgeous environments,” said Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director of KingsIsle Entertainment.

“Pirate101 fuses the key lessons we’ve learned from Wizard101 with entirely new design, setting and gameplay mechanics. We’ve succeeded in creating a game that is very different from Wizard101, but remains comfortable and familiar.”

Wizard101's card-based gameplay has been done away with in favour of turn-based combat, which could make it that bit more appealing for older gamers. If you do have a little one, Pirates101 could be an opportunity for a fantastic bonding experience.

The title is currently in an Alpha testing phase but is expected to come out sometime later this year. Keep checking where it will be available to download for free upon release.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801351738-ADNFCR