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Battlefield 3 patch delayed by console counterpart

Battlefield 3's latest patch has been delayed by the certification process of its console counterpart.

A patch that has been released for the PlayStation version of Battlefield 3 today will not reach the PC edition for a little while due to the certification processes associated with the console game.

It is the system manufacturer's requirement that all patches are vigorously tested to ensure that they are fully functional and do not threaten the game or the system.

While DICE has been trying to get the patch through the Sony certification process, the PC and Xbox 360 updates have been delayed.

When the patch does eventually arrive it will bring gamers an array of tweaks, fixes and new content to make the title more balanced and stable.

These include general gameplay changes such as adjustments to the fall damage, the speed at which players can go prone and increased spawn protection time.

Most of the weapons have had small tweaks to make them more balanced and individual. This can mean changes to the damage, recoil and accuracy, to name a few.

Improvements have been made to the commo-rose on the PC version, based on feedback from the game's community, and the level of detail on the mini-map has been increased to give players a clearer picture.

DICE executive producer Patrick Bach explained to PC Gamer how the certification process does slow down a patch's implementation, but this is not all negative.

The game gets a rigorous testing period that ensures a good gameplay experience once the patch goes live.

"We have had problems with patching in things like Battlefield 2 where you had to patch the patch because the patch screwed it up and then you have to apply a patch to the patch to the patch," Mr Bach said.

"And that’s, from a player perspective, that’s not a great experience – 'Oh is this the 6.8 patch or the 6.9? Because the 6.8 broke the game and now you need to unbreak it!' So getting focus and testing and all those things is actually a positive."

Despite this, if the patch does then break the game it takes a long time for the second patch that has the appropriate fix to go through the certification process.

Mr Bach explained that although it may be frustrating, it's a fact of life for all developers.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801327561-ADNFCR