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More WOW players dating than on dating sites

World of Warcraft gamers are getting all the action.

As the stereotype goes, most people assume that gamers are an anti-social bunch, unlucky in love and discomforted by the presence of any member of the opposite sex.

Yet, a report by the Online University has found that they are luckier in love than people think, and even playing a game such as World of Warcraft (WOW) may increase a person’s chance of finding their soul mate.

The survey points out that there are many more people online on WOW than the number one dating site eHarmony, with over ten million users compared to just a million. In addition, only around 15 per cent of those gamers are single.

People playing WOW are logged on for much longer, around 34 hours a month compared to just 1.4 hours on a love-matching site.

Only a third of eHarmony users are with someone from the site, while 75 per cent of gamers are dating someone that also plays games.

While when you meet someone of the opposite sex on World of Warcraft you know that there is a niche common ground between the two of you, as opposed to dating sites where everyone harps on about how much they love books, films and long walks on the beach.

In particular, 42 per cent of women gamers find themselves attracted to other players.

They are a dedicated bunch too. Just under a quarter (24.3 per cent) travelled up to 30 miles to go on a date with a fellow player while a massive three-quarters (75.7 per cent) journeyed for over 100 miles.

Let’s face it, battling trolls and demons in vast dungeons accompanied by your love interest is far more exciting than going out for a coffee or spending a couple of hours watching a chick-flick in your local cinema.

There have been a number of cases of couples meeting in WOW that go on to get married in real life. So if you’re unlucky in love and are finding that dating sites aren’t working either, it might be time to get the world's most popular massively multiplayer game installed.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801325231-ADNFCR