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Intel announces scheme to replace chips ruined by overclocking

Intel has announced it will provide a one-time only replacement for certain chips that are damaged by overclocking.

Gamers who want to try their hand at overclocking their computers have been handed an incentive by chip processor Intel.

Overclocking can take many forms, including raising the clock rate, memory timings and/or operating voltages.

Most of the techniques require more power consumption and better cooling to account for the increase in heat the system generates.

Therefore, if you don't really know what you're doing things can go wrong.

While most chips are set to return to their default setting before damage occurs, in a worst-case scenario, your processing unit is fried. The fact that this would void the manufacturer's warranty is what puts many people off giving it a try.

So hurray for Intel, which has announced the introduction of its Performance Tuning Protection Plan, and its promise of a "worry-free overclocking experience".

Under this extended warranty, computer users have the chance to give overclocking a go and see how much they improve the performance, safe in the knowledge that Intel will provide a "hassle-free" replacement should the chip be pushed too far.

They will only replace it once though, so they are not giving gamers licence to destroy chip after chip, but it is a separate offer to the standard three-year warranty, which remains unaffected.

Intel's overclocking amnesty will last six months from January 18th, covering the Core i5-2500K, Core i7-2600K, Core i7-2700K, Core i7-3930K, Core i7-3960X.

However, should gamers go wild and start shredding processors left, right and centre, Intel says it reserves the right to close the scheme at any time, while honouring existing agreements.

Corasir recently released a series of new memory kits specifically to help overclock machines with boosted memory and aluminium heat spreaders to dissipate temperatures during periods of high performance.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801271007-ADNFCR