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ioSafe pulls off 'shocking' durability test for new Rugged Portable Thunderbolt hard drive

IoSafe has put yet another one of its hard drives through a vigorous test as part of its latest durability PR stunt.

Outlandish demonstrations of the durability of computer hardware are probably not done often enough. But some companies, such as hard drive brand ioSafe, have made testing a spectator event.

In its latest demonstration, ioSafe sought to demonstrate that its Rugged Portable Thunderbolt hard drive could withstand the rigours of a power surge - and even an electrical storm.

How? By getting someone to hold it within conductive distance of a 1,000,000 volt Tesla coil, of course. The demonstration took place at this year's CES 2012, and online videos clearly show  an elaborately suited Austin "Dr Megavolt" Richards holding the hard drive above his head as the device is struck several times by the raw lightening charge.

When the hardware was removed from the testing area and drive parts obtained from within the fried outer casing of the Rugged Portable, ioSafe chief executive Robb Moore proceeded to show that the data stored on it was in fact still very much intact.

Those who feel that this test was a little elaborate are probably not alone, but few will fail to be impressed by the extents to which the company has gone to prove the product's durability.

This is not the first time ioSafe has resorted to such an unusual publicity stunt. Last year's Rugged Portable was treated to a trip to a shooting range, where it was subjected to abuse with some high caliber weaponry, including an M16 assault rifle. In 2009, staff at the hardware firm ran over the Solo SSD hard drive with a steamroller, again, in an effort to prove how reliable its products are.

However, those who were impressed by the demonstration will not be able to get their hands on the device just yet. The new hard drive is not due to be released until a little later in the year.ADNFCR-1220-ID-801267335-ADNFCR