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IE10 Surprising Speed Results

Microsoft's IE10 obliterates 9 in speed tests.

Well it is hard to believe but Windows 8 has been out for around about a month now (I know I couldn’t believe it either) and with that Internet Explorer 10 as well. What surprises me is the lack of voice from software giant Microsoft about the speed of the browser, stoking the fire within the browser war. IE 10 seems to have substantially better performance over Firefox and on par with Chrome, for example:

  ExtremeTech loaded in 1.43 seconds
  PCMag loaded in 2.00 seconds loaded in 2.03 seconds. 

Chrome 23:
  ExtremeTech loaded in 1.17 seconds
  PCMag loaded in 1.50 seconds loaded in 1.23 seconds.

Even though on average, Chrome loaded pages faster, but not by much and in real life usage I have to say that it is not that clear cut and I have seen IE10 beat Chrome when using them both for personal browsing. Using the SunSpider 0.9.1 benchmarking tool from the developers of WebKit to measure JavaScript execution came with the following results:

IE9 finished running the performance test in 814.4ms, give or take.

Chrome 23 was able to complete it in just 183.2ms.

IE10 was the fastest at a mere 127.2ms, give or take 1.5 per cent.

As you can see IE10 bested Chrome by 56ms, but it absolutely destroyed IE9 by 687.2ms, showing how much time and effort Microsoft have invested into IE10 to give you a better browsing experience, let's hope with a few more updates we will see a even faster IE10 and make Google sweat!