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Wii Oops and Wii U Has Technical Issues

Many users reporting bricked consoles after slow update.

OK so this isn't really a hardware issue directly, but with the launch of the new Nintendo hardware comes a firmware update of a whopping 5GB, but it's taking so long to download and install that people think their console has frozen, or they get bored waiting and turn the console off!

Now if your technically minded you know that you NEVER turn off a computer while it's updating, that's just assisted gadget suicide and can be hell to recover. Even harder to repair on a new console that few tech minded users have had chance to tinker with yet.

Worse still is that there are no refunds or exchanges for these people, there simply isn't stock of the consoles available to do so for starters as Nintendo's new hardware is flying off the shelves and they have pre-order demands to meet.

Let's be honest though, 5GB is a ridiculous "update" size for the Wii U, I can't even imagine what needs to be that big that couldn't have been (mostly) installed in the manufacturing process, how much did they need to change?

The Nintendo severs will be working hard to push this update, so expect delays, expect long download time, be patient and for the love of god DON'T TURN IT OFF!