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iPad Mini Star of Giant Heist

$1.5 million worth of iPad minis stolen.

The iPad Mini hasn't in my mind gotten off to the best of starts in terms of sales, proving fairly unpopular amongst all the people I've spoken to for its generally pointless existence and lower resolution display. It does seem however one group couldn't wait to get their hands on one, by getting their hands on it I mean they stole it and by one I actually mean 3,600 of them.

It seems earlier this week a couple of thieves managed to swag around 3,600 iPad Minis from JFK airport, New York. With an estimated haul of around $1.5 million for the much loved and loathed Apple gadgets.

The iPads were stolen in the very same cargo terminal from the 1978 Lufthansa heist, which was depicted in the movie Goodfellas. Not that it has any real relevance of course. But this amount of iPads, not matter how small doesn't exactly fit in your coat pocket and it took the use of a forklift to load two fully stacked pallets of iPad Minis onto a truck. It's said the group was in fact planning to steal another three pallets full of the device, but were forced to leave them behind when an employee showed up. So they made a run for it and got away with (only) $1.5 million worth of goods.

Those responsible have since been caught by police, but it's safe to say there mini theft is landing them in some big trouble.