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Texas Instruments Job Cuts

1700 employees cut as they close up shop on OMAP.

OMAP isn't what it used to be in this market and Texas Instruments is all too aware of this fact as we see less and less phones and mobile devices powered by OMAP. As a result Texas Instruments is cutting their staff count and shifting focus to embedded markets instead of the cut throat mobile market.

With around 1,700 members of their workforce being cut (around 5% total) in a bid to cut their annual costs by approximately $450 million by the end of next year, but this isn't the last nail in the coffin for OMAP yet, as we still expect to see OMAP 5 make it to market some time in early 2013.

OMAP  5 features A15 cores, 2GHz CPU and PowerVR SGX544 Graphics. An impressive bit of hardware, but clearly it just hasn't been enough, or I guess too little too late may also apply.

Here is hoping the 1,700 employees find their way after loosing their jobs and that Texas Instruments can turn around OMAP to make its way further in the embedded solutions market.