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Adobe Hack Confirmed

SQL injection exploit used to take down website.

An Egyptian hacker who goes by the name "ViruS_HimA" has said he gained access to and dumped 150,000 emails and passwords of Adobe customers and their partners. The process saw taken offline as the site was hit.

While speaking with Dark Reading, the hacker claimed to use an SQL injection exploit to execute the breach, where he gained access to Adobe employees, military users, Google users and even NASA users details, to name but a few.

The hacker went on to say that the SQL injection vulnerability allowed him to dump the data in less requests than normal people would perform, going on to say that the sensitive information was stored and hashed with MD5 making them "easy to crack" with freely available applications.

But why did he do it? It seems he has taken out his anger at Adobe being slow to respond to security issues, saying that Adobe is a big company but don't respond to security issues fast enough, in many cases taken up to four months to fix a flaw. I think it's safe to say he has their attention now and I'm sure it won't be four months until this issue is resolved.