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Xbox Live, Rewards!

Microsoft celebrates 10 years of live with surprise prizes.

It seem that Microsoft has gotten all soft on us Xbox 360 gamers, as a way of saying thanks to gamers around the world it seems they have been sneakily picking Xbox Live subscribers and giving them free swag! In what I can only think sounds fitting of a "Thanks for all the years of long service medal".

It's pretty much the ultimate achievement you could unlock and images are slowly finding their way online of people claiming to have received various gifts from Microsoft them selves.

Here is one chaps limited edition 10 year celebration prize

So why exactly are they doing this? Well it seems to be that if you've been a user of Xbox Live since the early years, you may be in for a treat. It's obviously a great PR stunt but it's also a great way to show they care about their fans. While we have no idea how or why Microsoft is picking each person that they are / have, we love the fact that they are.

Microsoft isn't giving up the secret yet though, we have no idea how many, to who, why, to where or what the requirements ever truely are for this special thank you, only that they're doing it.

Have you gotten a personal prize from Microsoft? If so we would love to hear about it.