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Xbox Gamer Research

It's a pack of lies I tell you!

So a UK money saving site has compared the first 24 hours of site search data from when both Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 were released, and found that CoD2 has had 4 times the number of searches on-site compared to its opponent. In addition to dominating the search volumes, a flash poll of 1,115 Xbox gamers from also found that 39% of Halo 4 players were ‘disappointed’ with the new game; compared to just 9% of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 players asked the same question.

When asked why they were disappointed with the new games; 48% of Halo 4 gamers said they felt it was not ‘challenging enough’, with 19% saying it did not live up to the pre-launch hype and 16% saying that it did not represent good value for money.

In contrast, the majority, 61%, of those who were ‘disappointed’ with the new Call of Duty game explained that they felt the game was ‘too similar’ to others in the franchise. A quarter, 23%, were disappointed with the graphics of the game. Two fifths, 42%, of the Xbox owners taking part admitted that the Halo series was a big reason for purchasing their Xbox 360 in the first place. 26% of those taking part also owned a PS3.

Speaking about the results, George Charles, Marketing Manager from VoucherCodesPro said “We all know that the gaming community does not hold back when it comes to voicing opinions, but we were certainly surprised at the clear disappointment about the newly launched Halo 4 from gamers”... “Searches for the two games certainly dominated search volumes on our site on their respective launch days, but once again, the Call of Duty gaming franchise has come up trumps”.

So having played Halo 4 and Black Ops II, I think this is down to pot luck on the demographic they quizzed. Quite simply anyone who says a Halo game isn't demanding hasn't played it on Legendary with all skulls enabled. Halo 4 also went on to set a new media sales record this week.

What's your vote? We're an educated bunch over here and I'm sure we can do this without breaking into an all out war, although that would be rather fitting. Halo or CoD?