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CCL are heading to Multiplay's Insomnia 47 for More Multiplayer Madness

*singing* The CCL team are packing their bags and are off to LAN for the servers.

Another iSeries approaches and we’re all getting giddy here at CCL looking forward to meeting some of our favourite people for the biggest LAN and competitive gaming event in the UK,Multiplay’s Insomnia 47.

Those who have visited our stands there before know we’re all about the LAN experience, so not only will we be feeding the starving and giving to the needy with our world famous pop-corn and awesome competition prizes but we will also have lots to do on our booth again. Now we’re not wanting to give much away as we’ve seen our ideas on ‘other peoples’ stands so I’m unfortunately not handing out spoilers in this post. You’re going to have to come visit us there or keep an eye on Facebook and YouTube for the Setup day V-Log if you want to know exactly what we’ve got.

But if you’re desperate for some idea of what we’ll be showcasing I can confirm that we’ll have plenty of competitions so if you’re not so good at one you can still hope to win something on the others. That is if you can manage to have a go as I’ve no doubt ‘Jessop’ and ‘Weebeanie’ will be battling it out again for pride and prizes.

With our now infamous Fastest PC Build challenge running again you can prove your worth by displaying your speed and skills in PC assembly. We’ve seen the fastest time demolished LAN after LAN and I can’t wait to see what sort of times we get at i47.

CCL’s T-Shirts have become something of a LAN must have and we’ll be bringing another unique shirt just for i47, our shirts are limited one time print and we’ve even seen them become raffle prizes. We have also got some fantastic prizes to give away in all of our competitions, we’ll have one of the must have gaming monitors from BenQ to give away and a plethora of other awesome tech goodies.

You can also meet some of gaming’s biggest celebrities like in the picture above and we're talking about CCL-Tech's Steve, not that TotalBiscuit feller!

If pop-corn, prizes, fun and awesome technology isn’t quite giving you a reason to visit our stand at i47 or you’re not quite sure what it’s all about. Check out my video coverage of past Insomnia events for a little insight and what to expect.