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Worlds Fastest Super Computer

Cray's Titan take the top spot.

In what I am now officially calling our 'Super Computer Week', we find out that Cray's Titan has taken the world fastest super computer titles away from Sequoia, which is based at the National Nuclear Security Administration.

This week we've seen mega performance from the lower end of super in the form of the new i7 flagship CPU, the new K20X graphics cards from NVIDIA and the new AMD FirePro, as well as the Xeon Phi super computer processors, so it seems fitting then that some of this new hardware features in the Titan.

With 18,688 nodes, each playing host to 16-core Opteron AMD CPU's and an Nvidia Tesla K20X GPU accelerator. That brings the total to an amazing 560,640 processors, capable of turning 17.59 quadrillion operations a second.

It may have beaten Sequoia to 2nd place, but that can still do 16.32 quadrillion calculations, which is nothing to be ashamed of in so many ways, 16.32 quadrillion ways in fact.

Based at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Titan will be used for nuclear energy research and analysis of combustion engines and efficiency among many other important scientific calculations for which there aren't enough abacuses in the world.