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Intel's Core i7-3970X

Intel's new flagship CPU is here at last.

Today there is a new king in town and his name is i7-3970X, ok not the catchiest name ever, but certainly a heritage worth of a crown. Intel officially launched the shiny Extreme Edition Core i7-3970X CPU today.

Ok so the only difference between the new 3970 and the old 3960  is that it has a higher base clock and a higher turbo boost clock, but it's still more performance and that's all that really matters at the end of the day.

The new CPU is a six-core LGA 2011 chip, with 15MB of L3 cache, quad channel memory controller, Hyper-Threading and that of course adds up to one seriously capable bit of hardware. The new chip runs 200MHz higher than its older counterpart @ 3.5Ghz with the turbo boost taking that all the way up to 4Ghz.

Of course all that extra performance comes at two costs, the first one is of course price and while it costs the same as the older 3960X that it replaces, don't expect much change from $1000. The second cost will be the higher TDP, which has increased 20W to 150W in total, best make sure your PSU and CPU cooler can handle that kind of raw power.

So who's going to be forking out on this latest juggernaut of a CPU? It's safe to say it will be pretty good at just about any daily task you throw at it, but this is of course a professional solution with many industrial applications too, but this is true of any big piece of number crunching hardware.