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NVIDIA's 28nm Yields Improved

GPU manufacturing taking a turn for the better.

Taiwan Semiconductor Company has started putting out better yields on the 28nm Kepler graphics processors and now thinks that they will be able to meet the supply and damand of the Kepler GPU.

“28nm yield and 28nm supply situation have both improved substantially. And so we feel pretty good about the balance of supply and demand at the moment,” said Jen Hsun-Huang, chief executive officer of NVIDIA.

It was only this year that the head of NIVIDA corp was complaining about yields for the 28nm products, as well as Taiwan Semiconductors inability to meet the demand for the modern graphics chips because of these low yields.

Even with their low yields over the past year, this hasn't really slowed Nvidia down one bit. Sure some of their higher end GPU's have been a little tricky to get hold of but this is a problem that has been rapidly dwindling. NVIDIA wen't on to post $1.2 billion in revenue for the 3rd quater this year and set a new record for the company in terms of profits.

Now that they have higher yields on the chips and sales are going through the roof for their gaming products, it's certainly looking like a promising year for NVIDIA, we can only hope the increase in GPU yield helps them reduce costs even further on their next gen graphics systems.