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March 2013 launch for Microsoft Office iOS edition? Is an Android suite also in the making?

Fresh rumours have surfaced regarding the potential for Office iOS and Office Android.

Microsoft undoubtedly has the market sewn up when it comes to business productivity in the form of their Office suite of applications. With programs such as Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint undoubtedly household names in 2012 there are large portions of the population who would not consider an alternative office suite, be that on their PC, Mac or maybe even now tablet device.

Fresh rumours have surfaced regarding the potential for Office iOS and Office Android. Currently the only way you can edit documents including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on a mobile device is to use a set of third party applications or to own a brand new Windows 8 RT based tablet device.

Windows 8 RT is the cut-down version of Windows 8 specifically designed for ARM processors. Windows 8 RT includes a version of Microsoft Office that while basic, provides greatly enhanced compatibility and a more familiar interface for most users than the competing third-party alternatives.

It looks like soon users of other mobile platforms could enjoy this same functionality. Following a slip from Microsoft’s Czech based press department back in May that a version of Microsoft Office for Android and iOS was being made for tablets and smartphones, fresh details have leaked suggesting that the apps are both real and planned to be released to the public free of charge.

The only catch that has appeared is that by default the range of Office applications will be view-only by default. Edit access will be available but will require a subscription to Microsoft’s cloud based Office 365 product to unlock.

We will keep an eye on how Microsoft develop these applications as there is no denying the tablet PC marketing is getting more popular with each passing month.