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Working from Home: All the tech you need for your home office     Click Here

Apple Working On A New iPad Mini

Seems Mini is the in thing, apparently.

The iPad Mini is barely out of the doors and quite frankly it's the first sign that Apples genius is beginning to waver. I've never been one for their products, but I'd be stupid to deny they're great products, at least that was the case up until the recent iPad mini, the most pointless release in recent history from the big A.

Sydney Morning Herald has said that the new iPad will fix the damage done by the first edition, with a new model already in the works. Said to feature Retina displays, which AU Optronics are working on and that will run at 2048 x 1536 resolution. That's a big resolution leap over iPad minis 7.9" display, which outputs 1024x768.

It's also said that Apple could be using Sharp's IGZO technology, but with Sharp already in financial troubles it's hard to tell if Apple with throw them a financial bone or do what they normally do, but their whole company.

So what are your thoughts, do you like the iPad mini? Because I personally don't get what it's for or why it exists sure the next one sounds better, but is it too little too late for the mini?... Time will tell.