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AMD Roadmap Leaked

Steamroller delayed, but Kabini is ready to rock.

Tech site DonanimHaber has managed to get their hands on (and publish) the latest AMD CPU Roadmap. This is an interesting thing indeed, as we already know AMD are having a hard time of things recently, is there some light at the end of the tunnel with their upcoming products?

As far as we know the much anticipated Steamroller architecture could be delayed, this would make Piledriver cores the candidate for powering AMD's next generation of APU's (accelerated processing units). Which boils down to the next gen of APU's still being better than the last, but not quite as good as they could have been, at least in theory and we'll have to see if AMD has any tricks up their sleeves on this one.

Vishera will also be using Piledriver cores, sporting 7xxx and 8xxx series graphics integrated on the chip.

Most importantly of all though is the choice AMD made to stick with the same sockets and that will come as a relief to many system builders and enthusiasts as most current boards should be happily compatible with the new hardware.