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Halo 4 Takes To The Skies Of London

Huge structure flown over the cities skyline for games official launch.

Halo 4 - London TakeoverHalo 4 - London Takeover

Today we saw the launch of what is set to be one of the biggest selling games this generation, Halo 4. Last night 100's of video game stores around the country opened their doors at midnight to cater to the needs of eager gamers desperate to get their hands on Master Chiefs latests outing as early as possible.

But if you happened to be in London late last night, ready to buy a copy of Halo or not, you'll have had a hard time missing Halo 4 Glyph symbol flying over the city. The Glyph was one of the largest and brightest man made structures to ever fly over a capital city. It measured 50ft in diameter and weighed just over 3 tons! It could be seen flying over the Thames and many other land marks of the city as it wowed crowds with its dynamic lighting effects as it lit up the night sky.

“Halo” launches are renowned for being entertainment game-changers and we are back with our most ambitious projects to date,” said Chris Lewis, Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft EMEA.  “Last week we created a replica of the “Halo” universe within the heart of Europe. This week we have one of the worlds’ largest and brightest performance art objects being flown over London.”

“The Glyph flyover makes the seemingly impossible world of science fiction a reality, a 50 foot symbol of the Didact hovering in the skies of a major capital city, seems a fitting way to herald the next chapter of this phenomenal blockbuster franchise.”

“Halo 4” is the start of a new saga in the “Halo” story which is set to cause a sensation when it hits stores today on Tuesday 6th November 2012.  Acclaimed film director David Fincher, the creative visionary behind Hollywood thrillers such as "Fight Club" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", produced an action-packed launch trailer for the game and American talk show host Conan O’Brien and actor Andy Richter are voicing two of the game’s characters.

The “Halo 4” Original Soundtrack was composed by award-winning producer and composer Neil Davidge, long-term co-writer and collaborator for music production outfit Massive Attack.

• The Glyph measures 50 feet in diameter and weighs 3.2 tons
• This is one of the largest and brightest man-made flying structures to ever be flown by helicopter.
• A team of over 50 designers, engineers and fabricators created the Glyph.
• It took approximately 8 weeks to design and construct: 2 weeks to design with the engineers, 4 weeks to build the aluminum structure and 2 weeks to apply the LED lighting.
• There are 455 LED light strips mounted onto 37 panels and a total of 113,096 LEDs of a pure orange color consuming 20 KW of power! 
• The dynamic lighting effects are all powered and controlled from an onboard electrical and computer system, which was remote controlled from a boat following the Glyph.
• The helicopter flew at a height of 600 feet with the Glyph suspended 350 feet above the River Thames.

So why did they do it you might ask, it seems like a bit of an effort right? Well lets face it, not every news paper or website cares about Halo, so why not put them on a light show instead, by the looks of it, it's a PR stunt that worked a treat.