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iPad Mini Autopsy

Apple's newest device stripped and analysed.

Popular website iFixit has decided to get their hands dirty and dismantle the lovely new iPad Mini, you know, for fun. Behind the usual tidy Apple exterior they discovered mostly what we already knew about it's components, but every now and then it's just nice to see for yourself.

The screen is a typical Samsung panel, combined with a pair of stereo speakers, a dual-core A5 CPU. Just what we expected, but it's good to know that the screen can be removed, making possible to replace the panel should it become damaged, just don't hold your breath if you need to fix anything else in there as most of it is soldered together.

Apple iPad Mini - A Look InsideApple iPad Mini - A Look Inside














While there have been reports that Sharp have also been making panels for the iPad mini, there is little way of telling from the exterior which panel you may have in your iPad Mini, although I doubt it will really matter that much at the end of the day. As some of you know already the iPad Mini doesn't feature a retina display, sporting a lower resolution 1024 x768 panel.

Apple iPad MiniApple iPad Mini




















There has been plenty of controversy over the iPad mini since it was announced, with much of the focus being on "why" as in "why does it even need to exist", but as usual we expect Apple fans around the world to once again blindly vote with their wallets on this one. Love it or hate it, if it has an apple badge on the back, it's pretty likely it's going to succeed.

For those of you who would love to have a closer look at what is inside the iPad mini, there are plenty of detailed tear down high resolution images of the iPad Mini, which you can check out over on the website.