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Developer Campaign for Windows 8

Microsoft wants to tackle the lack of apps in Windows 8.

Winodws 8 Tablet AppsWinodws 8 Tablet Apps

What better way to get software for your new OS than to try and steal the heart of developers? If you're a developer, Microsoft is calling you! As they begin their campaign to get more support and more apps on their latest OS, Windows 8. While there are a few good apps already available for the OS, plenty with good reviews and general feedback, there is a noticeable lack of mobile apps and other important bits of software.

Microsoft has been running their developer event "Build", in a bid to get more people on board and get more software and apps up and running for the new Windows 8 tablet and mobile range. This is nothing new to the development world as both Apple and Google (and many others) run similar events to encourage developers.

For each paying attendee, Microsoft dished out plenty of treats to help them along their way, such as a Surface Tablet, 100GB of SkyDrive data storage, Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone all of course running Windows 8.

With big apps like Facebook and Twitter both missing for the Windows 8 launch Microsoft really has to kick things up a gear, this at least seems like a promising start, let just hope the OS picks up pace in terms of sales now that it is out of the starting blocks.