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OCZ Reduces Staff Numbers

Company aims to be more profitable and efficient.

The announcement was made earlier this week that OCZ has begun restructuring their company and workforce, reducing product lines, staff and generally aiming to be more efficient and profitable. It all sounds so simple when you put it like that, but on one side you have people loosing their jobs, on the other you have a company that needs to earn more money to stay afloat.

Ralph Schmitt, CEO of OCZ Technology had this to say "We are undergoing a transition phase in the company's evolution in which we are refocusing our efforts on products and strategies that will benefit both OCZ and our stakeholders over the long term. We have already taken aggressive steps to address some short-term tactical challenges and have begun streamlining the organization to help ensure that OCZ will be in the best position moving forward to address the fast growing consumer and enterprise SSD markets,"

OCZ has reduced their overall workforce by 28%, with around 32% of that being made up of staff at their Taiwan facility and outside contractors. I don't have exact head counts but at just under a third of the work force its certainly a decision they won't have made lightly.

OCZ High Performance SSD'sOCZ High Performance SSD's

Follow the reduction in staff, OCZ has started end of life procedures on around 150 products, reducing their value category products by around 80% to get the ball rolling so they can put their focus on high-end products for the consumer market, OEM solutions and Enterprise solutions, essentially going after the richer part of the market.

We'll keep you posted of any more news as it develops, but it's safe to say that we expect an interesting year from the company, with a streamlined workforce, determind focus on high end components and their relentless investment in R&D should turn up some results sooner than later.