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Halo Series Has Sold 46 Million Copies

Microsoft flexes the statistics prior to Halo 4 launch.

If you're a FPS fan and you own an Xbox or have owned an Xbox or maybe even a PC if you were into the early Halo days - either way it's likely you own, have owned or have played Halo.

The release of Halo 4 is just around the corner, I've got my copy on pre-order all ready and after clocking hundreds of playtime hours on each of the previous titles in the series I personally can't wait! I'm not alone on this one either, which goes some way to explain why Microsoft is so happy with the series.

The Halo franchise has gone on to sell over 46 Million copies worldwide, that is no number to be ashamed of for any gaming series. To put that into perspective, you're looking at near enough $3 billion in sales before you even start on special editions, DLC and anything else to do with the series such as merchandise.

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Halo Reach took well over $200 million in sales within it's first 24 hours and Microsoft thinks Halo 4 can beat that record, heck even I think Halo 4 can beat that record, given that the game looks to be one of the Xbox 360's final crowning jewels as we near the end of this hardware cycle.

So are you a Halo fan, will you be buying into the hype, or are fantasy sci-fi shooters never going to tempt you away from CoD / Battlefield?