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No New EA IP For This Console Generation

EA saving new games for next gen consoles.

In a recent interview with Wired's GameLife, Moore said that "there's no place for new IP this late in the console cycle". A bold statement and one that in my opinion in wrong in so many ways.

EA are saving their so called "creative bullets" for the next generation of consoles, which aside from the Wii U (half half gen step its self) haven't been announced yet, but you would have to be a fool to think that the next itteration of PlayStation and Xbox were out there, somewhere, being developed for, because they are, fact.

“He can’t think of new IP that launches five or six years into a generation of hardware that is successful. It’s just not the time to do it.” he continued, again something I think is complete nonsense, if we all stuck by that regeim and all developers and publishers didn't take risks on new IP's at any point in a consoles life cycle, we wouldn't have had the stunning Dishonored release this year, one of the best new IP's in ages!

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The best time to release a game IS this late in a consoles life cycle, given that EA is the proverbial pusher and serial offender of releasing minor updated games with ever growing sequel numbers on the end, it annoys me to think they have things cooking that could spark life into the industry. But with the console user base being stronger than ever on the current generation of hardware, surely having that potential market is just as deserving than the next?

While Moore didn't give any details on what games he was talking about, we do know they have a number of new titles penned for the next-gen of gaming hardware, both for consoles and for PC, but all eyes will be on the big gaming Expo's of 2013 for new games and hopefully some new hardware.