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NZXT Releases The Kraken!

World's first 140mm / 280mm all-in-one liquid cooling solution.

NZXT are going through somewhat of a strong point recently, with the proven success of their Phantom range of chassis, from the original Full Tower ATX Phantom, the 410 and their new flagship model the Phantom 820, not forgetting their Switch range, power supplies and now their ground breaking new closed loop water cooling systems.

We have the Kraken X40, a 140mm radiator and then the Kraken X60 a 280mm system. Now many of you will already know that these are strange sizes for water-cooling radiators, which normally stick to the 120mm / 240mm / 360mm format as its generally more compatible with a larger number of chassis designs.

NZXT Kraken - CPU BlockNZXT Kraken - CPU Block



















So not only will you need room for a radiator but you will need either a single or double set of 140mm fan mounts on one side of your chassis. As you might expect the new Phantom 820 is fully compatible, as are a few other NZXT chassis, but if you're looking to make a purchase, get out your tape measure and check with both your chassis manufacturer and the NZXT site to ensure a good fit.

The larger size of the radiators brings with it many benefits, the first and most important being a larger surface area. More surface area = more room for heat transfer, resulting in lower temperatures  Having room for 140mm over 120mm fans also means you can have lower RPM fans, this helps reduce noise from your system also.

NZXT Kraken - 240mm RadiatorNZXT Kraken - 240mm Radiator



Estimated RRP for these system is currently $99.99 for the X40 and $139.99 for the X60, not cheap but if these perform as well as I think they will, it's money well spent.